As regards technology, things change quickly. The ever-changing nature of technology emphasizes the importance of staying abreast with the changes as they come, and podcasts are a great way of keeping up with technology.

When podcasts initially came into existence, they were quite popular, and it seemed like they were going to be a great substitute for radio. However, over time, the popularity waned and a lot of podcasts were no longer updated regularly. Also, although one may find a range of podcasts, a majority may not be regularly updated and lack quality content.

Finding a regularly-updated podcast where relevant information is shared can be tasking, especially when one seeks podcasts on specific topics.

Why IoT podcasts are important

Podcasts can offer a wealth of information, especially those hosted by experts with a wealth of knowledge to share. Also, a lot of research and development is still underway to ensure that the different IoT devices function optimally. As findings are made, they are shared through different platforms which include podcasts.

Not every IoT user is a technology genius, so they might not understand the terms in which the manufacturer may share the updates or findings made. With podcasts, news on IoT devices is shared in simpler terms which the average user is bound to understand better.

Also, it has been established that podcasts fit into the lifestyle of the modern 21st-century person and are great means of passive learning. One can listen to a podcast while involved in other activities such as working out and commuting.

6 best IoT podcats

We have put together some of the best podcasts that every IoT device user needs. These podcasts cover various areas of IoT devices, from availability updates to basic and security features such as email providers, password managers, and cyber security tips.

1. The Internet of Things podcast

As the name suggests, the IoT podcast covers everything IoT, from smart homes to smart cities and the latest news in the IoT world. IoT podcast is hosted by Stacey Higginbotham and co-hosted by Kevin Tofel. Stacey and Kevin inform listeners of the latest developments in the IoT industry, from the newest updates and changes that have been affected to those in the works. They also review IoT devices and share their opinions with listeners from an expert level of knowledge but in terms that are relatable to the listeners.

2. The Smart Home Show

This podcast has a more specific audience, persons interested in knowing as much as they can about smart homes, and Michael Wolf doesn’t disappoint. This podcast which is regularly updated informs listeners of the latest developments in the world of smart homes, from the latest technology to the newest devices released and those that will be released in the nearest future.

3. The Peggy Smedley Show

The Peggy Smedley Show is one show that offers expert opinion about IoT technology and devices. The host Peggy Smedley who is a technology enthusiast teams up with different industry experts every episode discussing various issues, from the latest trends in IoT devices to the development of smart cities.

This is a show that is also regularly updated as it has hit the 550th episode mark. Persons interesting in becoming better acquainted with everything IoT will find this show particularly interesting and informative.

4. IoT Inc

Although this podcast focuses on the business aspect of IoT, it is also worth following to become better acquainted with the trends in the business of IoT. Some of the topics typically covered on this podcast are IoT security and the role of IoT devices and technology currently play in manufacturing. Bruce Sinclair hosts IoT Inc.

5. IoT Time

This is another podcast that focuses on the business of IoT and discusses topics such as the roles played by the different companies in the development of IoT technology and devices. Ken Briodagh is the host of this podcast and he is very interested in the evolution of IoT and interviews major IoT leaders. This podcast is also just about 30 minutes long, and one can easily fit it into their days.

6. HomeTech.FM

HomeTech.FM, like The Smart Home Show, discusses everything smart homes as well as other IoT news updates. The hosts of this podcast are Seth Johnson and Jason Griffing, and they discuss home automation technology, the different updates on general IoT technology and industry news. Specific topics such as security concerns of home automation technology have also been discussed on this show.

The IoT world is constantly changing, and it is important for involved parties to follow up these changes as much as possible. The podcasts highlighted above share a wealth of information on the IoT industry and should be noted by anyone with interest in the industry, from IoT device users to industry stakeholders